Smart Cart

It’s no secret that Amazon is pushing hard into grocery. Here on Long Island, there are no less than six Amazon Fresh stores under construction. One innovative aspect of Amazon stores are their “Just Walk Out” system that tracks your items and auto-bills you for them when you leave. That works great for convenience store items, but what about grocery? That’s where the Amazon Dash Cart comes in. James Vincent at The Verge has more about this. The cart’s main feature is a sensor array in the rim that uses AI-powered cameras and barcode scanners to identify whatever you put…

The Longform

Walking The Catalog

It’s a normal Saturday afternoon of browsing shelf after shelf of items for sale. Some displays are elaborately laid out. Other sections have setups that feature wonderful layouts on the walls. In the middle of it all is a jewelry section complete with attendants waiting to help their next customer. After going through the immaculate display of a store, you decide that the stereo you saw earlier was the one to take home. And this is where things are different. Because there are no boxes in this store. No stock of products waiting to be brought to the checkout. Here,…