Sophomore Jinx: Home Before Dark Season Two Disappoints

As a word nerd, I was super excited when Apple announced a TV series based on Hilde Lysiak who runs the Orange Street News. Hilde has been a force in the journalism space for years as a real reporter starting at the age of 7. Home Before Dark is loosely based on her story where a kid news reporter relocates to a small town and begins asking questions nobody wants to answer. I was enthralled all through the first season and binged it in two days. For Apple TV+, it was a hit for me (this is before Ted Lasso)…

The Longform

Hello, Wrist

Events happen during our lives shaping how we live from that moment on. Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone in 2007 changed everything we do. The Nintendo Entertainment System hitting the US in 1985 revived a dying industry and set off a video game revolution. On April 11, 2012 an unknown group of five people would cause a seismic shift in a category without a name (now called ‘wearables’). While they’re gone now, it is fun to look back at what was an ambitious product that predated the proliferation of Apple Watch being a normal device. This is a look back…