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Google Blaming Apple For Their Own Mistakes
January 11, 2022
If there was a big eye-roll moment, it’s Google’s Android team bellyaching about iMessage. Apple’s advantage is obvious because it’s a form of lock-in for their ecosystem. When the iPhone debuted, it supported SMS and nothing more. Then with iOS 5 in 2011, Apple rolled out iMessage. It was a…
Thundercats Redrawn
January 10, 2022
Classic animation gets a modern take over on YouTube where user Xtremee_Ghost has done a phenomenal job with Thundercats. This person has hand drawn each frame of the original opening of the 80’s cartoon. It has a modern style and it’s super-crisp, which I suspect is due to modern tools…
Goodbye Danny Tanner
January 10, 2022
News broke late Sunday that Bob Sagat had passed at the too-young-age of 65. It was a shock to me, and to most I’m sure. Of course Sagat was known as the straight-laced dad on Full House but he also was a really funny stand-up comedian. And he was the…
And We're Calling it iPhone
January 9, 2022
It’s been fifteen years since Steve Jobs spoke those words. A lot of grand claims were made at MacWorld 2007 at the iPhone’s unveiling. Some were seen as laughable. Some were seen as revolutionary. Nearly all of it came true. I (among many others) believe this was Jobs’ pinnacle performance…

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