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We're officially in the 'fast-forward' part of the year. In some ways it's nice but in others I will admit it makes me a bit prickly. Fall is a great season where the heat of the summer finally breaks and the air gains a crispness that feels nice. Nature looks pretty in the seasonal change and there is a feel of 'getting back to normal' with school back in session.

Fall is a whole lot of Pumpkin Spice and roaming the fields for apples and pumpkins. Before it gets quite chilly out, it's really nice for some quality family-time weekends. But then... you-know-what is coming.

Long gone are the days where we'd get a lead up to Thanksgiving and then its big day. Now we go from Halloween on 10/31 to instantly thinking about Christmas on 12/25. Even though a major American holiday is still in between, the "Christmas Creep" has never been stronger. Frankly we already get Christmas in stores in mid-October these days.

The one piece of pushback I'm appreciative of the fact that stores are once again closed on Thanksgiving. It always irked me that profits and money were put so far above people, employees were forced to work on a day specifically about spending time with family. Finally, enough CEOs got it through their heads that it's not a good look and major stores finally are closed again on a day that matters. I admit not everyone shares my views on this, but I feel that employees should have a choice to work on turkey day or not.

Regardless of what you want to focus on for this fall and upcoming winter, I hope it's one that makes you happy and brings some quality time with loved ones.

I hope you have a great week.


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