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Speedrunning Mario
Agressive Peeping

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It looks like the Writer's Guild strike has officially ended. That's great news for us as fans of movies & TV shows but it's also great news for people who create this entertainment for us. Based on reporting, it looks like they got what was deserved: higher pay, minimum staffing in writer's rooms, and more data on streaming. But most interesting is the AI portion.

With the new agreement, companies must disclose to writers if any material given to a writer has been generated by AI or incorporates AI-generated material. My understanding is that if content written by a WGA member is used to generate new content by an AI system, that writer will be compensated. To me, that's a fair balance. In practice it means that AI generated content is here to stay. I can't see how well it can work when it's nowhere near as good as a person with writing things. Entertainment's key to being good is establishing an emotional connection. AI has no soul and no capability of doing that.

However, I'm talking about 2023 technology and it is very possible generated content in 3, 5, or 7 years from now is indiscernible from human-written content. How the landscape of entertainment looks is anyone's guess. But at least those responsible for creating even a piece of it will get their piece of that money pie. And that's good news for everyone.

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Vegas is no stranger to spectacle. The whole town is about excess, but there's something that is jaw-dropping even in a place numb to the idea. A new venue called The Sphere is spinning things in a new direction. The building is a giant round venue that holds over 18,000 people and is lined inside and out with huge screens and LEDs. Together this takes a concert and turns it into an experience. Legendary band U2 opened the venue the other day and there is no shortage of video on YouTube. One is linked below. It's not only the incredible views from the seats that make the Sphere great but the fact that as a band performs, you're transported wherever they desire. While it may be partially the brainchild of bumbling NBA owner James Dolan it has to be said that in a world filled with thousands of concert venues,…
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Speedrunning Mario
Speedrunning, the technique of completing a video game as fast as possible, is a niche hobby in the video game realm. People focus on a game and look to exploit it as much as possible in order to break records for the shortest completion time. Nintendo's 1985 masterpiece Super Mario Bros is one such game. The game may be 30+ years old but there is a whole new generation attempting to shave fractions of a second off records. Kyle Orland at Ars Technica has more of how humans are almost beating times only thought achievable by machines. Niftski's new record perfectly matches a "perfect" TAS of the game (i.e., a "tool-assisted speedrun" that uses frame-by-frame input recordings using an emulator) through seven of the run's eight levels. His best time is now running ahead of the "theory limit" of 4:54.798 that runner Bismuth set back in 2018 as the ideal human performance…
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Agressive Peeping
Social media is one of those technologies where you can find beautiful places in this world. But conversely you also learn about beautiful places in this world... to visit. And that's where the reality of human behavior meets the road. This is why the town of Pomfret, Vermont is closing its roads to leaf-peeping tourists. They can't behave. Lisa Rathke at AP News has more. In recent years, social media users and photographers have clogged the narrow road for selfies and fall foliage shots of the scenic private property, drawn by its colorful hillside trees, the barn and classic New England home. One Instagram poster even tipped followers about how easy it is to go around the entrance gate to the private property, which also has surveillance cameras. “Poorly behaved tourists have damaged roads, had accidents, required towing out of ditches, trampled gardens, defecated on private property, parked in fields…
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