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Atari Tries Again
ABC’s 1980’s All-In Promo
It’s-A Time To Retire

Read to the end for a post about containing dinosaurs.

It's the kickoff of the fall tech season. Today Apple will unleash its annual iPhone & iOS updates. Google will hold its IO conference in a couple weeks to show off the Pixel and a new version of Android. And on and on, new tech will come out from a number of companies. Each one vying for our dollars.

There's fierce competition in the tech space these days, but funny enough, most platforms and devices don't matter. In the past decade most of what we do is on the web. The Windows / Mac "wars" are long over. You can get your job done on either one because either the applications you use are cross-platform or exist on the web. The same can now be said for Android / iOS. The days of iOS having the best and exclusive apps are long behind us.

These days it's all use what your personal preference is. Yes, some creature comforts will pull people in some directions over others. For me, it's the simplicity of Apple's products and the ecosystem. I like how all my stuff works together. For others, it's the ability to customize a system to the Nth degree and there's another subset of simply working on Windows because it's what's comfortable.

The Internet has been around a really long time. The web isn't as old but still is pushing 30+ years on Earth. What is one of the most interesting side effects of a global network of information is the fact that it's become something of a Great Democratizer in productivity. While I am no fan of endless subscriptions for software, the fact that you can buy a new computer and have "that one must-have" application running in a few minutes is pretty amazing. Sometimes it's even more simple because it's simply a browser. That's how I get everything done here on TimeMachiner. There's no applications or specialized tools I use. This entire endeavor is web-based.

I think back to the "browser wars" of the 90s and how IE crushed Netscape. For the record, I was a staunch Netscape user for a long time (longer than it was worth, given how bad Netscape became once it became the bloated "Communicator"). The youngest generation today would likely find the whole thing silly. There's so many browsers now and they're all free. The same thing for Windows and macOS. And now the same thing for mobile phones. Aside from a few lock-in features each side possesses, moving from one to the other whenever you want is really no big deal.

And that's a nice win for us all.

I hope you have a great week.


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Sharks have no bones. Source

Atari Tries Again
When it comes to video games, there is always a sense of nostalgia. Nintendo had a hit on its hands when the NES Classic came out a few years ago. Sega had been doing the same for many years with subpar retro consoles, but then copied Nintendo to release a proper Genesis clone. Sony followed suit with a PS1 version, which reinforced the fact that games from the PS1 / Saturn era do not hold up well. Now Atari is back, again, with a console that will play all those pixel-perfect games, in an emulated fashion. Wes Davis at The Verge has more. Atarihas announcedit’s relaunching its most well-known console as the Atari 2600 Plus on November 17th for $129.99, withpreorders open now. It’s a fully functioning, 80 percent scale, HDMI-outputting version of the console that comes with a 10-in-1 game cartridge. Atari says it even supports both 2600 and…
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ABC’s 1980’s All-In Promo
Television's landscape 40 years was a big push for eyeballs. When only a few networks were in existence, each of the national broadcasters were in fierce competition for viewers. In 1980, it seems ABC decided to go all in. One single promo that lasts a whopping minute and forty seconds features every. single. actor. on its network. How ABC was able to get the talent for each program onto a set at a single time is beyond my comprehension but it's a feat ABC achieved. Crazy to think that not only were these big A-List actors but they were all likely compensated for their time do to this promo. Complete with original music, lyrics, and basically a dance number, this promo leaves nothing on the table. If ABC was going to go this hard, this "You and Me" promo is certainly money well spent.
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It’s-A Time To Retire
Since the first Mario game where the famed plumber needed a voice, one man has held the role: Charles Martinet. For over 25-years he has voiced Mario, Luigi, and a host of other characters in the bestselling franchise. Now, Martinet is stepping down in order to focus on being a "Mario Ambassador", which is Nintendo-speak for 'retire'. Ash Parrish at The Verge has more. Martinet has voiced the character since the ’90s, appearing in mainline Mario titles likeSuper Mario 64,Super Mario Odyssey,andSuper Mario Galaxyas well as countless spinoffs. “Charles is now moving into the brand-new role of Mario Ambassador. With this new transition, he will be stepping back from recording character voices for our games,” Nintendo’s statement reads. “It has been an honor working with Charles to help bring Mario to life for so many years and we want to thank and celebrate him.” The news that Martinet will no…
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