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Surf Otter
Eroding the iMessage Moat

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The past week has been one of getting back on track. A week off for a summer vacation is great, but attempting to regain a schedule can be tough. Bedtimes become a thing once more along with the reality that you have to cook your meals each night instead of going out to eat daily.

The habit I've been trying to kickstart once again is my reading habit. I'm still reading Monte Cristo but it's been such a slog that I've started a second book to help regain some momentum. Last week I mentioned two books I scored at a wonderful bookstore in Lake Placid.

They're on my TBR but I've been giving Blackout by Connie Willis a whirl. It seems to be an interesting time travel story where historians go back to observe events. I'm only about 35 pages into it, but I'm still undecided on whether I like it or not. I figure if I get to page 100 and still feel blah about it, I'll move onto another book.

As far as Monte Cristo is concerned, I want to want to read it. It's so interesting but so long and has a lot of chapters that are incredibly mundane. I'd feel like a cheat if I switched to an abridged or updated version of it but this isn't a game of life and death or something. It's how I choose to use my free time. And I should take my own advice.

Reading, like any form of entertainment, is where we choose to use our valuable time doing something we enjoy. TV shows are no different. Speaking of, Season 2 of Strange New Worlds is phenomenal. I'm only five episodes in but this remains the absolute best Trek out there. I don't know how the writers did it, but they built on an exquisite first season and made the second even better. Almost every Trek suffers from a poor Season 1. Lower Decks was an exception and SNW is as well. Perhaps it's because the second season of Discovery was almost a backdoor pilot for a new series? Who knows.

What I do know is the time I'm spending on leisure is a bit unstructured and that's okay. I'm enjoying it and that's what counts.

I hope you have a great week.


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If a Lone Star Tick bites you, you may become allergic to red meat. Source

Surf Otter
If Wide World of Sports was still on the air today, this news out of California certainly would've made the cut. Surfers in Santa Cruz have to be on the lookout for aggressive... otters. That's right. These cute, but not-quite-tame creatures are not only attacking surfers but also taking people's surfboards. Dustin Jones at NPR has more. Steamer Lane is a legendary point break nestled along the rocky shores of Santa Cruz, home to swaths of experienced surfers, as well as a 5-year-old female sea otter with a growing reputation for repeatedly confronting surfers and kayakers. Videos across social media show the otter hoisting itself out of the ocean and onto boards while surfers sit back in awe. At times she's chewed on the boards or forced surfers to surrender their boards altogether. Onlookers in the videos can be heard laughing in jest at surfers' misfortune, but officials with the…
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Eroding the iMessage Moat
RCS has long been the battle cry for Google and Android in the "messaging wars". The better way to text has had an uphill battle, but Google has stuck with it and continues to push to make it a standard. Unsatisfied with carriers' dragging its feet, Google made RCS the default way to message on Android and now has turned on end-to-end encryption by default. That is a big deal. Abner Li at 9to5Google has more on why. Google is making this big move to “ensure more people benefit from this added security.” E2E encryption for 1:1 conversations fully launched in June of 2021, while it started testing group E2EE this January.Google notes that, when it is enabled, there are lock signs throughout the conversation. All participants must have RCS enabled, but there’s otherwise nothing you have to do, and it cannot be disabled. It comes as Google last month…
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