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May 16, 2023 // Web version //

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FaceTime For The Birds
Phone Crocs
More People Reach the Tipping Point

Read to the end for a post fantasizing about The Price is Right.

This is one of the hardest editions of TimeMachiner I've had to write. I'll cut to the chase instead of going on and on. Late last week I was affected by downsizing at my company. Now I find myself unemployed, like many in the tech industry right now. Frankly, it's a bloodbath out there. And it's scary.

I went from a stable job performing QA work I enjoyed to now having to figure out navigating incredibly tough waters. Companies ghost candidates at a moment's notice. Promising leads go cold. At a certain point, your entire network knows you're looking and there's no one else to ask about openings. Each day that ticks by brings another bill that is due because job or not, the bank needs its mortgage payment and my fridge needs food.

My brain is processing it as a loss and is going through "The Steps" because I was certainly shocked and I'm in the tail-end of the Angry stage. Of course, there's sadness too. The sense of loss is real because I love working remotely but now my physical space hasn't changed while my entire mental space has shifted. It can be lonely if I'm being honest.

So, writing TimeMachiner is my 2nd full-time job now. My first is to find another job. However, this does mean I have more time to dedicate to this newsletter and to continue bringing you worthwhile curated stories you enjoy reading. My hope is to find a rhythm that allows me to write more with the expanded free time I now have. That in turn should result in more content for you to read.

If you do want to help me out in some way, this would be a really good time to consider a TimeMachiner membership. I know things are tight for many. You, dear reader, may be in a similar situation as me. I get it. I really do. If membership is not for you, leaving me a tip (AKA "buying me a coffee") is a one-time way to help.

I am brainstorming bonus perks for members and likely will offer a few pieces of brand-new fiction. To start, I have a wonderfully-produced audiobook of my short story Chrono Virus. That will likely be the first bonus I offer to members.

Once I know exactly what the whole plan is, I will let you know.

Free ways to help me include telling others about TimeMachiner, forwarding them an issue so they can check it out, and both clicking AND signing up for the affiliate offers I have further down this email. I earn a few dollars on those when you do that.

Finally, if you know of open QA roles wherever you work, please let me know. I have 10 years of experience (this is my LinkedIn) and would be happy to talk.


PS: I was going to talk about Tears of the Kingdom this week but, well.... yeah. This happened. So, next week on that.

PPS: If you're enjoying my work here on TimeMachiner please forward this email to a friend who'd like it too. It helps me grow. Thank you. 😊


The US has lost 6 nuclear weapons. Source

FaceTime For The Birds
When Steve Jobs debuted FaceTime back on the iPhone 4, it felt like the future had arrived. For decades we dreamed of portable video calls that The Jetsons had promised. Now it connects people millions of times daily. But would that connection work for other species? A fascinating report from Emily…
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Phone Crocs
Crocs are all the rage right now. Collabs with 7-Eleven and Wu-Tang Clan are some of the unforeseen ways in which these kinda-ugly clogs have struck gold. Hoping to piggyback onto this trend is smartphone case maker Casetify which has launched a series of iPhone cases that resemble Crocs shoes, with…
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More People Reach the Tipping Point
Tipping. We all hate it. I've talked about it in the past. It's out of hand and as time goes on, we're seeing more examples of people that are simply over it. Last week I saw CBS Sunday Morning broach this topic. They even spoke to a 'manners expert' who also…
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