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A Brydge Too Far
DPReview’s Shutdown is a Reminder That the Internet is Ephemeral
Belkin May Not Matter
Avoiding The Hype Spoilers

Read to the end for a post about protecting butter.

Tuesday has come around again and it's time to dive in.

Finally, after over a year of waiting for it, I will embark on a new adventure with Link beginning on Friday. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is coming out. To say this is a hotly-anticipated game would be an understatement. Its predecessor was one of the best games of all time. But there's something important I've been doing since last month and will continue to do until I finish it: avoid all the spoilers people post online.

Being perpetually online is kind of my thing but with all the time I spend reading about interesting stuff, I also have to be careful with information and discussion on entertainment topics. I read a lot of stuff. But I'm always behind on TV shows and movies. I prefer to binge shows and that means waiting weeks or months before I begin a new season. That has consequences. People post tons about Ted Lasso and Star Trek: Picard. To avoid those spoilers means avoiding those discussions.

Through some Neo-like Kung Fu, I've been able to do a good job of not knowing what comes next. Some tools are built into places I frequent help too. Over on Reddit, people generally mark spoiler-worthy posts with NSFW tags. That obfuscates the content. In order to see anything you must deliberately click into it. There's nothing NSFW about the content, but it's a clever workaround. Further on Mastodon, people liberally use the Content Warning feature in similar ways. The idea is to give the reader the choice to opt-in to reading the particular post. Some people don't want to read about certain topics, but by also marking spoiler-worthy content with these "warnings", you are able to speak your mind without someone instantly jumping in that you ruined a show or movie for them.

Back in the day, people felt it was fun to spoil stuff. It was an early form of trolling. Earlier times of the internet saw endless posts (HP spoiler in that link!) that spoiled brand-new entries in the Harry Potter series. Now it seems people are a bit more comfortable with letting people enjoy the games, movies, and TV shows that are the New Hotness while also using simple mechanisms to still chat freely about their passions.

I for one love that setup.

May the rest of your week be fantastic.


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The couple in the painting "American Gothic" are actually father and daughter and not husband and wife. Source

A Brydge Too Far
In late-breaking news last week, I was stunned to find out that iPad accessory maker Brydge had closed up shop, ceasing operations immediately. On its own, this is a sad story because I've held their products in high regard. However, the out-of-nowhere aspect looks to be due to the co-CEOs hiding…
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DPReview’s Shutdown is a Reminder That the Internet is Ephemeral
I'm the first to admit I'm not a camera buff. When my kids were born I splurged on a Canon T2i DSLR camera because I wanted to take the best photos possible. Those photos look amazing, but I (like most) still default to using my phone to snap 99% of what's…
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Belkin May Not Matter
Matter, a common language for smart home tech, faces issues with Belkin pausing adoption. Belkin's devices don't offer anything unique and can become commodities, making it hard to stand out. The company plans to differentiate its products, but it is unclear when.
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