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Pepperoni Hug Spot
Tiny Desk, Big U2
Voice Password Failure

Read to the end for a post on how to get free food.

Tuesday has come around again and it's time to dive in.

I'm really set in my computer habits. I'm sure you are too. Like any other "thing" we do, we learn a certain way and it sticks. It is why people always told me it's important to learn the correct way to play an instrument or else I'd learn it "wrong"; then it would be difficult to unlearn it. The joke was on them; I never ended up learning to play anything. 😉

I've had a computer since the 80s. Over the years I've developed "my" workflow, especially doing my job. Thanks to the addition of multiple desktops on macOS many moons ago, I've always had one desktop for email & calendar, another for browser windows plus Slack, then another desktop for music, social apps, and everything else.

Last month something changed: I decided to give Stage Manager a try.

For non-Mac users a quick explainer: Stage Manager is a window management system in the latest version of macOS. Apple's entire explanation is "Stage Manager organizes apps and windows so that your desktop is clutter-free and you can stay focused." In practice, it simply takes your open and unused windows and flicks them to the side of the screen so your active window can have space to breathe.

The verdict on Stage Manager has been out since the feature debuted late last year (it came out for iPad too). Many hate it and think it's terrible while another contingent really likes it. Being a completely optional (and off by default) feature, a third group who doesn't use it and never did. I found myself in that group until a month ago. I was tired of swiping through desktops.

Now I'm converted to the Pro-Stage-Manager group. The feature is not 100% there yet but as a Version 1, I like the ability to see my open windows but they're out of the way. I didn't expect to like it, but I do. Go figure.

Will I use this forever? Who knows. It's only been a month but I don't miss my old multiple desktop setup at all. That must count for something.

May the rest of your week be fantastic.


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There's a real music piece name 4′33″ that involves all the musicians just silently holding their instruments. Source

Pepperoni Hug Spot
I know there is endless hype around AI. And as I've said previously AI chatbots are nothing more than a next-word-prediction algorithm (that loves to lie). But sometimes when you mix different AIs together, you get something really funny. Enter Reddit user SharpCartographer831 and their AI-Generated pizza commercial. This person used…
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Tiny Desk, Big U2
The NPR series "Tiny Desk" is really fun. The small space made to look like a busy cubicle is set up for big-name musical acts to perform. It's an intimate setting and one that Bono surely isn't used to. He and The Edge recently recorded a session of Tiny Desk and…
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Voice Password Failure
AI-powered voice cloning technology has advanced to the point where scammers can now easily create convincing fake audio of someone's voice. In a proof-of-concept video, Watch how Joseph Cox from Vice demonstrates how he was able to access his bank account by simulating his voice using AI.
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