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Sleepy Busses
NJ Slows Car Subscription Ambitions
The Million-Dollar Sinking Home
The Muddled iPad

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Hey there! It's Tuesday and here's a fresh issue of TimeMachiner. A big hello to everyone who's new this week. Thank you for giving me space in your inbox. 🙌🏻

For the first time ever I took part in the Texas State Fair this past week. While I agree that on the surface that doesn't sound too exciting, the spectacle of it certainly was. If I was to TL;DR the whole thing it would be this: the craziest concoctions of fried food.

Over 2 million people came to this annual event that features food, rides, vendors, and some cool exhibitions. I thought I knew what to expect and in some ways, I was not surprised. There was lots of walking (6.25 miles!) and unseasonably hot weather. But I had the experience I was most looking forward to trying: the Dilly Dog.

This deep-fried creation is quite simple. You take a large dill pickle, core it out and put a hot dog in it. Basically, it's a different take on a hot dog with relish. However, this is the Texas State Fair and that means going to the extreme. In this case, the pickle & dog are dipped in corndog batter and deep-fried. Because of course, it is. They stick a stick in it and there you have it: a Dilly Dog.

It sounds weird. And can sound unappealing. But I had to try it. And I'm glad I did. While the spectacle of this creation was... something, it did taste good. Corndog stuff I could take or leave. It's never been a food item I had a fondness for. But a hotdog plus pickles? Sign me up!

My deep-fried options were plenty: banana nut muffin, soul food egg roll, strawberry shortcake, and honey. In a world of deep-fried options, my Dilly Dog was a fun one.

Aside from the plethora of food, I had one mission: to acquire every piece of free kitch giveaway items as possible. And I was quite successful. But that's a story for another day.

Onto the rest of today's issue!


Here's today's Random Factoid: NASA mistakenly erased the original tape of the first steps on the moon. Source


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Sleepy Busses
With travel back to pre-COVID numbers, there are a ton of people who are on the move. This is also a return to the issue of people who must go somewhere but can't or don't want to fly. Enter NapAway: an overnight bus service that fits the bill for this situation. Sounds crazy, right?…
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NJ Slows Car Subscription Ambitions
A subscription for features in your car is one of the worst "you don't really own it" ideas of the modern subscription-heavy world we live in. I've previously written about how horrible of an idea this is. Now, New Jersey is doing something about it. Jonathan Gitlin at Ars Technica has more. In late…
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The Million-Dollar Sinking Home
If you're going to build an experimental house on the water, it has to do one thing: float. Unfortunately, that's what a home unveiled in Panama didn't do. Emily Brown at Unilad has more from the "You Had One Job" department. Unfortunately, the 'floating' part of the house didn't quite go to plan when…
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The Muddled iPad
Last week Apple updated its iPad line, as rumors had suggested. It wasn't a flashy prerecorded event or a live keynote. With some press releases and an update to their store, the "new hotness" was unleashed. But unlike many new products, this lineup is... confusing. For years Apple has gone with a Small, Regular,…
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