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Camera Evolution
I Want My NFT TV
Internet Power Explains the “World Wide Web” in 1995
Diversifying The Supply Chain

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'ello! Welcome to the newest issue of TimeMachiner. A shout out to James, Eric, and everyone visiting from HackerNews! Thanks for giving me space in your inbox. 🙌🏻

We're a day past a long weekend and for many it is the unofficial start to fall. If you're anywhere related to retail, it is even the kickoff for holidays / Christmas. Super crazy. I don't like it.

For years I read a website called The Consumerist which was all about calling out companies for shady practices and giving tips & tricks for deals. Sort of a Consumer Reports alternative. They folded many years ago but one thing has held true, a term they called Christmas Creep.

The concept was simple in such that the days where stores would put up holiday displays switch the music over, and gear up for the season would creep earlier and earlier each year. If you grew up in the 80s, you know there wasn't a peep of anything until after Thanksgiving.

Today, you can see it in September. Yes, September. I know people like to plan ahead, but this is extreme.

Thanksgiving was long trampled-over for the Big Man and Halloween might as well incorporate Zombie Santa in order to compete.

It irks me to no end, but what can I do? I'm simply one person writing a newsletter to you, griping about it. Two years ago in 2020 I threw my hands up and stopped thinking about the creep. That year was an exception because of, you know, so if people needed THAT to cope with a terrible year, who am I to begrudge them?

I simply don't understand the rush to get decorated, extend the season out by months, and ultimately turn a literal 24-hour period into a celebration that lasts a quarter of the year. A quick aside, it may be shocking to know there are people who don't actually celebrate it! Crazy, I know.

What I will say is people can do what they want and let whatever it is bring them happiness. All I ask is let me get some candy with my kids & have some turkey on a certain Thursday before I hear Christmas Wrapping for the 9,000th time.

Here's today's Random Factoid:

There are some spiders that keep tiny frogs as pets to stop pests that try to eat the spider's eggs. Source

Poll of the week

Thanks to everyone getting in on this new part of TimeMachiner! I have some food for thought on today's poll. But first:

Last week's results:

Which flavor of ice cream best represents you?

We have a tie! Many of you are minty with a hint of sweetness and others are a whirlwind of flavor. Personally, I'd say I'm a cookie monster since I can't resist a plate of cookies. For those who voted vanilla, I see you! I consider it THE base flavor to use for awesome sundaes.


Would you rather speak all languages or speak to animals?

🤟🏻 Super Linguist 
🐴 Animals, Please!

Results will be posted in the next newsletter.

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Camera Evolution
On the eve of the iPhone 14 announcement, I thought it would be good to pause and look back on this fantastic comparison the folks at Simple Ghar mocked up. The team over there went through and compared photos from Samsung, Apple, and other smartphones going back to 2000. To compare the capabilities of…
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I Want My NFT TV
A new entry from the "we never asked for this" department. LG has announced its Arts Lab with this bonehead feature: you can display, buy, and sell NFTs directly on the television. Emma Roth at The Verge brings us this gem of an idea. For now, only users in the US with an LG…
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Internet Power Explains the “World Wide Web” in 1995
The early days of the internet lasted a long time. Notably, the start of people getting online differed from childhood, to something teenagers tried out, to people only getting a computer in the home past 2000. It wasn't like the iPhone where people all got it within a compressed timeframe. Because of that long…
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Diversifying The Supply Chain
Apple, like most companies, have most, if not all manufacturing taking place in China. While this has been debated hotly in the US for decades if it's good to do, COVID and the inabilaty to make things has hit the tech sector hard. Apple is now doing something about it. Arnold Zafra at The…
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