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Notable Neighborhood
RCS Shame and Blame
An Atari Lookback

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Hello. It’s great to bring you a new edition of TimeMachiner this Tuesday. A big welcome to my newest subscribers. Thank you for giving me space in your inbox. 🙏🏻

I'm trying something new this week with the layout of TimeMachiner. As you can see, there's a small table of contents to let you know right at the start what's in today's issue. I don't know if this is useful or not, but I figure why not try something different, right?

Trying new things is always an endeavor. As kids, we can be quite reluctant to try new foods and experiences. As parents, we try to coax the younger generation into the things we know are good for them: eating veggies, going outside, being respectful, doing good in school, etc. Of course, food is always a tough one.

For me, it was guacamole. Growing up I had nearly zero exposure to it. When I'd see it, of course I thought it looked gross. It's green and has a weird consistency. Basically, I wrote it off and never looked back. "I don't like guacamole" I'd say. Even as an adult, I chalked it up to something I didn't even want to try. No thanks.

Then something funny happened.

Sitting at work one day, I decided to order Taco Bell using their app and then go pick it up. Everything went swimmingly. However, when I was a few bites into my lunch, I tasted something... different. I couldn't place the flavor and I did what anyone would do: I unwrapped it and investigated. Lo and behold, there it was: guacamole. INSIDE my burrito! 😱

I'd told them to hold the guac. Obviously, they didn't.

And there, my dear readers, is how I learned that I actually do like guacamole. From that day on I included it in my lunch orders and even added it when getting food at Chipotle or going out to a Mexican restaurant.

Trying something new is 99% a conscious choice. But I found that 1% that made a great addition to the foods I quite enjoy eating.

Here's today's Random Factoid:

“Military Grade” is a marketing ploy. In the actual military, “military grade” is defined as “meeting the bare-minimum requirements of durability, while also costing the least.” Source

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For fun randomness in comic form, check out Escape From Clowntown. There are a ton of humorous comics, podcasts, and mostly-true tales of comedy from cartoonist and satirist, E.R. Flynn.

Notable Neighborhood
Notable and famous people come from nearly every town in the world. Sure, you likely know some famous people in your area, but most people don't know anyone just outside that area. Now, Topi Tjukanov has gone ahead and made an interactive map letting you zoom in and out to see all the famous…
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RCS Shame and Blame
Google launched a new campaign two weeks ago that looks to do two things: The first is to tout how far RCS has come since Google began pushing it a few years ago. The second is to shame Apple into supporting it on iOS. Google will fail. That isn't simply my opinion. While it…
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An Atari Lookback
Atari was a fascinating company, responsible for both the rise of home video game consoles in the US and also the market crash of the same industry. The legendary 2600 was everywhere in the early 80s and there was certainly no shortage of software. The company may be a shell of itself these days,…
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