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Hello. It’s great to bring you a new edition of TimeMachiner this Tuesday. A big welcome to Rick, Cindy, Krista, Mark, and my newest subscribers to TimeMachiner. A shout out to those of you coming from both Adam's and Matt's newsletters. Thank you for giving me space in your inbox.

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Last week I was watching a video on YouTube (which I don't do too often these days). What struck me was the deluge of ads on the platform. Two unskippable ads at the beginning, two more a few minutes in, another near the end, then two more at the end.

This was annoying AF but one other thing stood out: Meta is aggressively advertising its 'near future metaverse' concept. In a 30-minute video, I saw no less than SIX ads for how normal people will do things in VR and how these virtual experiences will have a "real-world impact" according to Meta.

Of course, this is all bunk. There's a simple, unspoken reason Meta is going at this so damn hard.

Want to know what drives their insane push toward VR?

Take 5 minutes and learn their dirty little secret. It makes a LOT of sense.

Here's today's Random Factoid: You don't need to wait 24 hours to file a missing person report. Source

Adam at Night Water has some great stuff to send your way. His newsletter covers everything from Pokemon to British sports drinks to the fake hospital where Cabbage Patch Kids are born. Check out Night Water here.

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Dancing to Text Tones
Leave it to the Wide World of TikTok to showcase Austin & Marideth (@Cost_N_Mayor). This pair has come up with a stellar video of dance moves… set to iPhone text tones. There’s 40 in all and this pair certainly has the moves. I don’t know about you, but I find this fun an wildly…
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Every SNES Manual Permanently Archived
One thing I love about retro gaming is the efforts to preserve history. There are many instances where someone stumbles upon a prototype or unfinished game and the community jumps on it to copy the code. Game preservation is super important because this software can be lost to time. Equally important is the literature…
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Meta *REALLY* Wants To Convince You It’s The Next Big Thing
Facebook Meta has been hard in their efforts to get you to know about “the metaverse”. Basically it’s VR. That’s it. That’s their plan. Yes, this is a simplification of what Zuckerberg is doing, but they are investing a ton of time into this. Over at The Verge Adi Robinson, who usually handles anything…
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Example 347 Why You Never Own Anything Digital
I’ve been saying it for a while now: you never truly own something that is purely digital. We have been sliding into a culture of renting for many years. Now Jon Porter at The Verge has a scoop about Sony’s PlayStation store removing PURCHASED movies from people’s libraries. The shutdown will come into force…
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