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June 21, 2022 // Web version //

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👋🏻 Hello. It's Tuesday and that means a new edition of TimeMachiner is here.

This past week I've been reading a lot of Stephen King's book The Institute. I mentioned it a few weeks ago and now I'm officially at the halfway point. I can confirm there are some great Stranger Things vibes with this book. It's given my Kindle a good workout and I love where the story is going. A big recommendation, for sure.

We finally got the digital release of a brand new Ninja Turtles game. I go into more detail a bit further down. But, spoiler alert: it's awesome. If you liked the old TMNT arcade games, this is easily one to try out. For those with an Xbox, I hear it's on Game Pass.

What book or game should I check out next? Reply and give me your pick.

This week's random factoid: In 1919, a wave of molasses rushed through the streets of Boston killing 21 people and injuring 150. Source

Speaking of random, you'll want to give The Weekly Wrap a look. Meghan shares anything interesting that piques her curiosity. I love her tagline: Because “Ooo! That’s interesting!” is a good policy in life.

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Wave G’bye to HoJo
It’s 2022 and incredibly it is only this year that we see the closure of the final location of Howard Johnson’s restaurants. Once sporting a thousand locations, “HoJo’s” as many called it, is really gone for good. The final location resided in Lake George, NY which is a popular summer destination. Many visit the…
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Bitcoin’s $2T Loss
Imaginary “currency” that has no intrinsic value, is wildly manipulated, speculated like crazy, that uses more electricity than many nations, turns out to be a bad idea. Shocker, right? But that’s what is going on in the cryptocurrency world right now. And it’s not just Bitcoin either. For nearly a month, the bottom has…
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Cowabunga! TMNT Shredder’s Revenge Is Finally Here
Fresh from the sewer and re-emerging from any late-80’s / early 90’s kid’s heart, comes the long-awaited TMNT game for modern game systems. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is a modern-day take on the classic TMNT video games we saw in the arcade and on home consoles back in the day. Game publisher…
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Windows 95 Launch Video Reminds Us How 90s the 90’s Were
Tech events unveiling new software, gadgets, and services are pretty common nowadays. However, back in the earlier times of computers, it was still a nerd’s paradise. Computers were a niche product, existing mostly in professional settings or schools. The Internet was still in its infancy. So, to say that Microsoft’s Windows 95 was a…
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Sharcano, Yes, Sharcanos Are Real
Sharks in ridiculous situations have been a thing for a long time. From B-list films, to Sharknado, to the ever-lovable Blahaj Ikea Shark. Now, we get the real deal holyfield: friggin sharks in a friggin (underwater) volcano. AJ Dellinger over at Mic has more. The Kavachi Volcano, an underwater volcano located in the Pacific…
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