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๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป Hello and welcome to this week's edition of TimeMachiner.

I know it's been a little longer than anticipated to get an issue to you, but I feel a bit rejuvenated after sending my last edition out. Also, the current interim schedule of going Tuesday-only for The Stream has given me a bit of breathing room to avoid burnout. I also have completed the next issue of The Longform. Time Traveler members will see it tomorrow in your inboxes! Everyone else will get it on Thursday.

Today's issue has a great video for all you music lovers out there along with a breakdown of the "new Delorean". ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Just the other day I knocked out the first volume of Stranger Things 4. Wow, this show is BACK and impressive. In February I wrote how season 3 felt like a show of diminishing returns. The season was good, but I could feel the downslide. Well, perhaps a long-ass wait was good medicine for the Duffer Brothers because season 4 is a marked improvement.

I'm thoroughly impressed with the layered storytelling and continued dedication to making the show as interesting as possible. Yes, the show continues to suffer from introducing too many characters, but most shows fall into the same holes. Luckily this season sees everyone with a real purpose and not given filler. This is a lot of words to say I recommend the show.

On the horror kick (but not really) I'm checking out Stephen King's The Institute on my Kindle. This library loan went from sorta-normal "where is this going" to "OMG WTF is going on!??!" in a single chapter. I won't say I'm hooked quite yet, but yeah this book has grabbed me.

The internet is a pretty vast ocean of information. Thatโ€™s why Pearl Runner is a great newsletter to check out. Mark does a great job of bringing interesting happenings to you each week. Check out Pearl Runner here.

Here's today's random factoid: The longest boxing match went 110 rounds and over 7 hours. Source

Thank you everyone for subscribing and sticking with me during these past couple of weeks. I look forward to bringing you awesome stuff on a more-consistent basis.

See you on Thursday.

-Aaron ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

This Sucker’s Electrical
It’s impossible to write for TimeMachiner and not talk about the reveal of the “New Delorean”. For a few months the Delorean Motor Company (no relation to the original DMC) has been teasing something new. A couple of silhouettes were put onto their homepage and that was it. Some rumors…
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Man Absolutely Kills It Playing Everlong On Piano
Pianist Glaucio Cristelo, who goes by the name “Piano Rock” worked some magic on a piano at a Brazilian shopping mall. With over half a million views, his rendition of the Foo Fighters song Everlong is amazing to hear and watch. His channel is chock full of great songs. I…
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Don’t Mess With The Apple
Straight from the “How Stupid Can You Be” department is reporting about Chinese company BOE. This supplier for Apple manufactures OLED screens for the iPhone 13. In a massively-dumb move, BOE decided on their own to change the specs of how the displays were made and didn’t tell Apple. Gijong…
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