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Be Our Guest. Please.
When Disney announced the price of their Galactic Starcruiser experience I was taken aback by the cost. Six grand for a 72-hour experience in Florida is asking a lot of people. Maybe it’s because of the price or people still not wanting to travel because of COVID, but Katie Dowd…
Going Maskless
When Apple debuted Face ID for the iPhone, it was a wonderful idea and one wherein they thought the days of Touch ID were numbered. COVID completely derailed the reliability of something that worked so well. Apple, nor anyone for that matter, could’ve predicted constant mask-wearing. Now, finally, with iOS…
Permanent Savings
With yet another shifting of the clocks forward to begin Daylight Saving Time, the frustration I (and many others) shared with super-early sunsets was alleviated. Finally we got back to a time I prefer where it will get dark at sometime closer to 6:30 than 5:30. Then out of nowhere,…

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