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The Stream

👋🏻 Happy Tuesday... TimeMachinerserers? I never gave much thought as to how I could address my readers, but "you awesome people" is a good start. So, Happy Tuesday you awesome people! Have a better suggestion? Hit reply and let me know! 😆

It's crazy to think we're halfway through March. However, it is fantastic to get some daylight back in the late afternoon. I, for one, was not enjoying the sunset at 5:15. Hopefully, we're reaching the end of winter. It's a nice feeling to get out for a walk and enjoy some fresh air.

Today's issue will be three quick hits of random for you. Thursday of this week brings a new edition of The Longform and it comes a day early for everyone who's a member. I once again want to thank everyone who's new here and I appreciate you checking out TimeMachiner. As always, if you have something to say, just hit reply.

Thanks and I'll see you on Thursday.

-Aaron 👍🏻

Reinventing the Wheel
I always say that we’re living in the future, we just haven’t realized it yet. More proof comes out of this report by Steve DaSilva over at Jalopnik. It recounts  Jón Schone’s attempts to 3D print a Mercedes wheel that would actually work on his car. He started it back…
Green Hill Zone: Act 2
A sequel to look forward to. That’s what I’ve been calling the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie. This was the last movie I saw in theaters and was only a short time before COVID lockdowns began. Now at a lull in the pandemic, we get the sequel. And, oh man,…
And We're Calling It 'Back To Office'
With COVID numbers falling across the country from Omicron’s spread, many companies are calling their employees back to the office. Apple has pushed back their return date many times, but this time it may stick. Earlier this month they announced April 11th will begin the transition for employees to return.…

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