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Greetings and welcome to a new week, everyone.

A warm welcome to all who are new to TimeMachiner. A bunch of you joined after I sent the last edition of The Longform. I want everyone to have the opportunity to read it before it goes members-only on Thursday. It's a fantastic walk down memory lane in which I talk about Catalog Showrooms like Service Merchandise. It is a fascinating retail experience. Click here to read Walking The Catalog.

There's been a lot to go through with the world news and trying to not get lost in the information overload. One impactful way to assist those in Ukrane during this time is to donate. Luckily, The Independent has a list they put together of reputable organizations you can contribute to. you can access their article here.

Finally, I want to give a big shout out to Rishi and his 10+1 Things newsletter. Rishi is truly remarkable in that he scours the internet way more in-depth than I could. Every week he reads 40+ newsletters, 50+ articles, 2 books and watches 20+ informative or documentary-style videos. 🤯 This is all to say that Rishi writes a kickass newsletter. Read 10+1 Things and see for yourself.

Nobody Asks That
Most companies / brands have a ‘voice’ or style that they look to use everywhere. Whether it’s in their advertising, website, copy on its products itself, etc. Oat milk company Oatly decided to have some fun with their website and dedicate a section of their website to infrequently asked questions.…
Long Runtime
Brian Stauffer reported for Variety on something I’ve surely noticed a lot lately: movies are really freaking long now. So many movies clock in at two and a half or even nearly three hours, lately. For me, it seems to be a detrimental factor each and every time I think…
Standing Still
Toyota has been a long-popular car manufacturer. However, lately, they’re in the news for the wrong reasons. The car company announced that they have once again had to halt production of their cars due to a supplier getting hacked. Jonathan Gitlin at ArsTechnica has more. Toyota is becoming quite the…
I Agree, I Agree
If anything from using software and signing up for stuff has taught us, it’s that nobody ever reads the giant page of legal text before using something new. Basically, we click “I Agree” and move on. Software license agreements and Terms & Conditions are important, yet it’s more of a…

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