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Happy Saturday. This week I finally turned on the redesign of the TimeMachiner homepage and I think it came out pretty good. Some of you will even recognize yourself on there! Thanks to those subscribers who helped me out. Check out the page, hit reply to this email, and tell me what you think. If you'd like to add your own testimonial, include that in your reply too.

This week I've been enjoying the Netflix show Murderville starring Will Arnett. If you're looking for a mix of comedy, whodunit, and improv, this is a fun one.

I'll leave you with this poem. See you on Tuesday.
-Aaron 👍🏻

Thursday's Wordle.

A streak reset.

Too many possibilities.

A loss I must avenge.

Thanks For Wii Memories
It’s no secret that the Switch has been a massive hit for Nintendo. Its 2017 launch was questioned by the industry. It launched in March, nowhere near the holiday season. Its launch lineup was sparse. It was coming off the embarrassing era of its previous console, the Wii U. Nintendo…
2022 began with New York City getting a new mayor. Eric Adams has only been at the helm of the Big Apple for a short time, but he’s wasting none of it when it comes to NY’s economic recovery. Fola Akinnibi writing for Bloomberg reports how Mr. Adams is coaxing…
In a lengthy writeup for the NY Times, Noreen Malone dives into trends that bubbled up since COVID struck the workforce. The idea of anti-ambition is a phrase she explains is where our jobs have been stripped bare. Gone are the interactions, preparing to leave, the rituals, and the encounters.…
Doo-Wop With The Sickness
In a world where people are pretty gifted, leave it to the YouTube channel There I Ruined It to take a hard-hitting Disturbed song and completely change it. The channel posted this gem last week showcasing Disturbed’s hit song Down With The Sickness and morphed it into a doo-wop 50’s…
Chrome Flex
Anyone who works in education or has kids in public school, it’s a sure bet that you’ve seen how pervasive Chromebooks are. Lightweight and inexpensive laptops, these durable devices are everywhere in schools. ChromeOS is a basic operating system, but because it ties into Google’s services at its core, it…

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