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The Stream
Scratch That
If there was ever a creative service to be offered for people, this one takes the cake. Toni George runs Scratcher Girls, a professional back-scratching service. According to George, they use a combination of different techniques to scratch and also adjust the pressure as needed. Here’s the breakdown from 60…
First Class All the Way
In one of the more interesting things to do with a retired aircraft, this story from CNN talks about a super-unique project. Suzannah Harvey, the CEO of Cotswold Airport near Kemble in England purchased a retired 747 for £1 (around $1.30) in October 2020. The goal was to convert it…
Switching It Up
Normally I don’t care too much about quarterly reports from companies, but Nintendo’s shareholder call did reveal something pretty noteworthy. Nintendo revealed that the Switch is now their best-selling console of all time. It has officially surpassed the Wii’s gangbuster sales. Matt Purslow at IGN has more. The Nintendo Switch…
Face The Drop
Seems like my latest edition of The Longform had impeccable timing, as Facebook Meta has reported its first drop in daily active users ever. During their quarterly earnings call with investors, Facebook delivered the bad news. Which then tanked its stock by about 20%. Alex Heath at The Verge has…

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