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June 28, 2022 // Web version //

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The Stream

It's hard to know where to start, except to say that I'm simultaneously angry and disappointed. After Friday's Supreme Court reversal, we have officially entered the "unknown consequences" portion of our program here in America. Things we thought were safe are not. Things we started to take for granted now must be second-guessed.

There is a question I keep coming back to: Where do we go from here?

Many will say that voting is what is needed. Yes, it is. But we need to take a long look in the mirror about how our country is being led by those we trust to do the right things. We have been failed by the relentless mission of those who have looked to change Roe vs Wade since the day it was put into effect.

I wish I had the answers. Right now, I only have grief for where we are and fear on what is to come.

Through all this, I DO want TimeMachiner to be a respite from the insanity gripping our country. So, this is all I'll say on this topic right now. Let's focus on some small corners of the internet that allow us to insulate ourselves from it all and try to hold onto some joy. So, let's move on and forget about the world for the next few minutes:

This week's random factoid: The Dingo Fence in Australia is longer than the distance between New York City to London. Source

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Back To The Broadway
For over a year the production of Back To The Future: The Musical has been running in London’s West End. The production, which was written and handled by Bob Gale, has won awards and overall praise from people who have watched the show. Now, the DeLorean is flying across the pond to New York.…
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TikTok Book Scamming
Leave it to “trends” on TikTok to come up with terrible ideas. The latest viral trend, on the social network that’s definitely not funneling data to China (we promise!), is to buy Kindle books on Amazon, then return them within the allowed window for a full refund. Claire Woodcock at Vice has more of…
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The Witch Of Sesame Street
One of my favorite parts of writing TimeMachiner is finding things that should be on the internet but aren’t. Those little things that fall through the cracks. This video certainly is one of them! Back in the mid-1970s Margaret Hamilton, who played the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz, reprised her role on…
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Apple TV+ Comes Into Its Own
I’ve been saying it for many months: Apple TV+ is a bonafide hit of a streaming service. But what are the best shows on Apple TV+? Of course, we all know about Ted Lasso. Apple promotes it at every opportunity. However, Severance is the latest show to really knock it out of the park.…
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Robot Uprising Starts With Senior Citizens
In an attempt to combat social isolation amongst the elderly, NY state has decided to begin deploying social robots to people who may be in need. Of course, this program will take money and time in order to see if it is effective, but it’s an interesting take on a big problem. James Vincent…
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