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The Stream

A good Saturday to everyone. I am so excited for Spring to arrive tomorrow. Here in NY the weather has begun to shift and it's actually somewhat possible to go outside with only a hoodie or light jacket on. With the time change comes a lovely extended evening too.

These past few days have me enjoying the "Time To Walk" feature of Apple Fitness+ on my watch. These audio walks feature notable people going on a walk and recounting interesting things about their life. So far I've quite enjoyed them and it's a nice way to get in some activity while also working my mind.

I hope you enjoyed the newest issue of The Longform that hit your inboxes on Thursday. I'm always up for hearing feedback. Please know that this coming week I will be away. You will still get TimeMachiner on schedule, but I may be delayed in responding to any email.

Thanks and I'll see you on Tuesday.

-Aaron 👍🏻

The Lime Is Back
In the heydey of the aughts, it was extremely common to find music downloading software running on every college kid’s computer. Music piracy was rampant. After the downfall of Napster, one service became king: LimeWire. It was sued into oblivion by the RIAA in 2010. Now, it returns but in…
Electric Buzz
After a very public and very humiliating experience with trying to get around car emission requirements, Volkswagen promised to do better. They also promised to go all-in on building electric vehicles. The ID4 was released with a nice look to it and now VW has dipped into the nostalgia well…
No Chorus, No Problem
Generally, music follows a structure. A song will have some verses, a chorus, a bridge, then more chorus. That key and repeating part of the song is usually what sticks the most. Now, enter this video from David Bennett that goes over famous songs without a chorus. The chorus is…

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