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The Stream

Hello and happy Saturday to you. A special welcome to some of the new people who’ve come to see what TimeMachiner is all about.

This past week was dominated by Apple’s Tuesday event, which I’ll speak more about below. Additionally, we got the first trailer for Disney’s Obi-Wan Kenobi show. Oh boy it looks freaking amazing. It may be many years since The Phantom Menace, but Dual Of The Fates remains a powerful score to this day.

Thats it for me. For everyone who’s new, be sure to check out the latest edition of The Longform on the archives. It’s a great recounting of Microsoft’s epic failure of their Kin phones. You have until Thursday before it’s available only for members.

-Aaron 🤘🏻

I'll Spin
Every few months some new Wheel of Fortune “controversy” swirls around the internet. This time around it’s about three contestants who either don’t know, what looks to be an obvious, answer or never get the chance. With the puzzle nearly revealed, a contestant asks to solve and then gets it…
Why Bother, Nintendo
For all the good Nintendo does for their products, the biggest bugaboo for them has been their online service. From the eShop being a complete mess to their online services lacking basic features, it’s something the company stumbles upon again and again. Five years after the Switch has released, they’ve…
27" of Hurt
Tuesday’s Apple Event unloaded a bunch of new products. A revised iPhone SE, an M1 chip in the iPad Air, a new Mac called the Mac Studio, a 27″ Studio Display, and a new green iPhone 13 / 13 Pro color were all brought to the market. However, there was…
Green Update
While Microsoft may have pioneered regular software updates back in the Windows 98 days, they are not alone in this realm anymore. We live in (and have lived in it for a long while) a world where software constantly updates. It is to the point where developers will even ship…

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