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The Stream

A good Saturday to everyone. We made it to the weekend and it's a good time to relax with a warm beverage and a good piece of entertainment. Whether it be a book, a new TV show, or a fun game, some downtime is great.

This week marked the 5th anniversary of the Nintendo Switch (more on that below) and the confirmation of Apple's annual "March Event" scheduled for next week. I've been working hard to "Look for the good" as Jason Mraz would say. The world is a lot lately and I think today's issue has something for everyone.

If you haven't yet read Thursday's edition of The Longform, it's one I had fun writing and putting together for you. There is something fascinating to me about failed technology, especially when it's happening publicly. When you're done with it, be sure to hit reply and tell me what you thought.

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Thanks and I'll see you on Tuesday.

-Aaron 👍🏻

Switch At Five
It’s crazy to think the Nintendo Switch has been on the market for five years. Back in 2017, it was very much a gamble. Nobody could know it would be a massive success over and over. Nintendo has rebounded from the Wii U years incredibly well. I personally bought my…
Rotary Dial
If you’re looking to combine retro-tech with new-age capabilities, look no further than this innovative idea. (Fellow Long Islander) Justine Haupt is someone who wants to carry a cell phone but make calls with it. Nothing more. So, she built her own. That uses a rotary dialer. And it does…
Sanderson Time
For many, many years the Pebble Time has been the top project ever on Kickstarter. The revolutionary smartwatch was a smash hit on Pebble’s second trip to Kickstarter. I was an early backer and loved the product. After so many years though, it was only a matter of when someone…

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