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And just like that, I'm back on schedule with TimeMachiner.

The previous weeks were a complete whirlwind, mainly due to travel and big life changes with getting married. I can go on and on about all that, but let's just say that it's pretty cool.

The time I have been away has also meant so many ideas churning on what to write here. I have a whole post I want to write about Siri, and that's even before rumors started circulating about Apple possibly adding ChatGPT into the next iOS. I've also wanted to make sure I keep finding great, fun videos to share with you all that are simply cool to watch.

It's also the time of the year when my beloved NY Islanders perform their annual let-down. Being a long-time fan of a basement-dwelling team turned mid-team is... a lot. They're good enough to get my hopes up but also not good enough to fulfill promises of having a great season.

There's the normal analogies of rebirth and awakening when it comes to spring. Here in NY pollen is everywhere and while I want to wash my car, it keeps getting new coatings of green dust. Yuck. But we've entered that period of getting outside and enjoy what the world has to offer us all.

I'm continuing to get through Artemis and it's been a fun read. I don't have much else to say on that.

I could ramble but I'll end this post here. I appreciate you all for reading my work and I hope you're doing good. 2024 has been chock filled with stuff and we're only a quarter through it. I hope TimeMachiner can be something to help distract or entertain or even inform as we go through these coming months.

Thanks for reading. Now, onto the rest of today's issue.

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