Jack Black: Commercial Actor

Jack Black, the actor loved by many, is set to voice Bowser in the new Super Mario Bros movie. But did you know that forty years ago, he starred in a commercial for Pitfall? Pitfall was a popular adventure game for Atari 2600 and featured advanced graphics for its time. Now, you can enjoy Black’s past work before seeing his new performance in 2023.

Jack Black is beloved by many. His appearance as the voice of Bowser in the new Super Mario Bros movie is a role people are looking forward to. However, if we rewind somewhere to... forty years ago, we see he's come full circle. Because in 1982, the kid-age version of Black starred in a commercial for Pitfall.

For those unaware, Pitfall was one of the most popular games for the Atari 2600. It was an adventure game with advanced graphics for the console and was a huge success. And now, before seeing his new work in 2023, you can enjoy his past work from '82.

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