Tetris: The Movie

We can joke around that modern movies using 80s pop culture properties have not usually worked out: Battleship and GI Joe are two examples. If it hadn't been milked to death, Transformers would've broken that trend. Now we get a drama coming soon that looks to actually do what Transformers could not. And that property is Tetris.

It may sound laughable, but the story behind Tetris is fascinating for many reasons. First, the Soviet Union owned all intellectual property and that meant Tetris never belonged to creator Alexey Pajitnov. Second, Atari was thought to own the rights to the game but Nintendo (looking to score a major win) was able to negotiate the rights to the game. Tetris made the Game Boy, THE GAME BOY.

As someone who read the amazing Console Wars book, I can attest to knowing there is a lot of unknown history behind Tetris' ascent to a worldwide phenomenon. Tetris' movie is not some campy action nonsense flick. Instead it features Taron Edgerton in a dramatic role of suspense and high stakes. The movie comes out on March 31 and will be on Apple TV+.

The trailer is fantastic and you can watch it here.