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👋🏻 A big hello to everyone who's new to TimeMachiner this week. Thank you for subscribing and checking out my work. I'm happy to have you here.

Sometimes it's easy to write something in this space to share something that is on my mind. I never want to focus on one thing too much and I do my best to keep things interesting. I could talk about Twitter's ongoing mess or the depressing news bombarding us, but that is less than fun to read.

Instead, I'm doing a lightning round of The Little Things that I've come across that make a big difference.

First up is a fabric shaver. Sounds boring right? I was at the Lidl supermarket a few weeks ago browsing their "Asile of Shame". Ends up they had these handy devices for $6. For me, it was an "I really could use that" moment because I have a few pieces of clothing that have pilled. This small device has made a huge difference.

Along those same lines, I picked up some giant (50oz) bottles of flavored syrup for my daily coffee. It was these that I've grown accustomed to putting in my coffee and wow what a treat! The mocha flavor is quite good. A quick tip: Always check TJ Maxx / Marshalls for them first. You'll always find them there at a discount.

Warranties were clutch for me last week. A repair I had done on my car two years ago crept up again. Yes, it took time for me to bring my car to the shop but it was $0 when I walked out four hours later. I know warranties generally don't cover much or expire long before the time something will truly break. However, leaving a mechanic's shop without paying a cent felt great.

Finally, I'm quite enjoying the quality and vast amount of content that Apple has been producing for their Fitness+ service. Where it could've been thought of as a Peloton clone, I'm finding it to be a lot better. It doesn't feel like you're joining a cult and their yoga classes require zero props. Compare this to Peloton yoga which suggests you have: two blocks, a blanket, water, straps, three feet of chains from Home Depot, weights, cats, beach sand, and six incense sticks.

It is tough at times to find The One Thing which is a theme for the week. Lately, it does feel good to have small, incremental wins come in to make some creature comforts possible.

I hope you have a great week.


PS: I hit 300 subscribers last week! Thank you! Still, I'm continuing to grow TimeMachiner. If you enjoy my work, please tell a friend. Thank you. 😊


A Georgia teacher who bought a $400 travel insurance policy was rewarded $10,000 because she read the fine print of the contract. Source

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