Forbidden Island

Even though it's 2023 and we think the world is extremely connected, there are still parts of the globe that are not only disconnected but visiting these locations could be deadly.

YouTube channel RealLifeLore documents Sentinel Island, an isolated piece of land that is part of the Andaman Islands, and the local population is one that voluntarily isolates from the world. The Sentinelese protect their land from visitors by force and it's even been recorded in the news how visitors will kill intruders.

The fascinating part to me is how this (and other voluntarily isolated groups) on Earth are aware of some part of the developed outside world, but shun it to keep their way of life. Do they have currency or jobs or other roles/hierarchies that we have not even thought of?

The video gives some overview of this part of the human race that, I would hope, is thriving in a way we could only imagine.

RealLifeLore on YouTube

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