It Looks Like You Need a Sweater

Does anyone like Clippy? For anyone who's initial response is "Who?" let's rewind. Back in the mid 90's, Microsoft introduced an assistant into Word named Clippy. It was an animated paperclip with eyes. It would monitor what you were doing and interrupt your work with suggestions. It was... annoying.

Dipping into the nostalgia well, Microsoft is bringing Clippy to life in the most Everything-Old-Is-Cool-Again way: an ugly sweater. Tom Warren at The Verge has the story.

This year, Microsoft has turned to Clippy, which is more Office-inspired than Windows itself. Born in Office 97, Clippy was resurrected in 2019 for Microsoft Teams before being quickly killed off in a move that one Microsoft insider described as the “brand police” not being happy that Clippy had returned. Microsoft has loosened the tight Clippy brand shackles in recent years, with its Groucho eyebrows now the default paperclip emoji in Windows and stickers in Microsoft Teams.

It goes without saying these sweaters are ugly AF, but that's the point. They're a bit pricey though. Microsoft is selling them on their Xbox Gear Shop for $74.99. However, all profits will get donated to the College Success Foundation this year, plus a $100,000 donation from Microsoft.