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It's hard to ignore the fact that it's Thanksgiving here in America. This is the time of the year when we gather to celebrate family & give thanks for what we have... then become ruthless retail savages less than 24 hours later in order to accumulate more Things.

Cynical, right?

It may be, but I do consider myself a bit jaded in the fact that the "Christmas Creep" is real and in full effect. Where once you'd see nothing decorating stores until after Thanksgiving, we're now seeing the Holiday Season reaching into October, even September in some places. Look, I get it: people love Christmas and celebrating the season. But, could we give skeletons and turkeys their due too?

This year will certainly be an interesting one as manufacturing is still a problem and many items will simply not be ready for purchase in time. Prices are higher, there's a bloodbath of layoffs, and people are simply feeling the effects of inflation across the globe.

On the flip side, the small things that truly matter are cheap or free: time with those who matter, a card, something homemade, or simply reminding the important people that they're important to you. Hey, Things are nice but people are even better.

So, I wish you all who celebrate a Happy Thanksgiving. May it be filled with enjoyable food, people you like, and reminders that in many ways we already have enough.

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Here's today's Random Factoid: Due to their fur, the polar bear is relatively β€œinvisible” to an infrared camera. Source


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