The House From…

Interesting documentaries can always be a fun time. I've seen numerous movies about cool subjects, such as Class Action Park and Off The Rails. Now a new one is getting funded on Kickstarter that's all about famous houses from movies and TV shows. Germain Lussier at Gizmodo has more on this cool idea.

The film is called The House From and it takes fans not just to the outside of famous houses from movies and TV shows like Full House, Golden Girls, Friday, Twilight, and Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, but beyond. More than just a tour, it’s an exploration of the people who live or have lived in those houses and what it’s like to be a part of movie history.


The idea of talking to people who live in the actual houses that are famous is super cool. As someone who made it a point to visit Marty McFly's house and also visited the Brady Bunch home, I love this concept. For the people who live in the McFly home, what do they think about all the people stopping by? Of course, I was respectful and stayed on the sidewalk & didn't bother anyone, but I could imagine they get many who think anything goes.

The Kickstarter has less than 2-days to go. You can learn more about it and watch the trailer here.

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