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Hey there! It's Tuesday and here's a fresh issue of TimeMachiner. A big hello to everyone who's new this week. Thank you for giving me space in your inbox. 🙌🏻

The past week has been a busy one complete with travel, concerts, family time, and Halloween. Right now I'm reading Retail Gangster: The Insane, Real-Life Story of Crazy Eddie. This is a fascinating story about a chain of electronics stores in the NY area in the 1980s called Crazy Eddie.

For those who were not in the NY tri-state area at the time, know this: Crazy Eddie had commercials EVERYWHERE. Not only did they flood the airwaves with 30-second spots trying to convince you to stop in, but they were (intentionally) highly annoying. Here is a YouTube video showing a few of the spots.

Ads for Crazy Eddie were on so much that everyone thought the man in the ads, Jerry Carrol, WAS Eddie. That wasn't the case, but they generated buzz and the stores were extremely successful.

Until they weren't.

An empire of local stores imploded spectacularly when it was revealed that Eddie and his family were dealing in fraud on a massive scale. Go figure!

The book is a fascinating tale of people who flew too close to the sun and how business can be dirty until people start looking into it. To anyone who checks it out, the story is fun because of how it happened. For anyone in NY during that time, there's a big dash of nostalgia sprinkled in as well.

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Here's today's Random Factoid: Wombat poop is square. Source


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Why is Grape Nuts cereal called that, when it contains neither grapes nor nuts?

Quite the split on last week's question! Personally, I'm not a fan of Grape Nuts, but it does pose the question of how they came up with the name. Funny enough, Grape Nuts' website has a full explanation!

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