The Million-Dollar Sinking Home

If you're going to build an experimental house on the water, it has to do one thing: float. Unfortunately, that's what a home unveiled in Panama didn't do. Emily Brown at Unilad has more from the "You Had One Job" department.

Unfortunately, the 'floating' part of the house didn't quite go to plan when it was unveiled in a ceremony which included Panama’s president, Laurentino Cortizo, last month. Footage from the event shows the structure leaning at a dramatic angle, with some people actually on the home slowly trying to make their way back to safety as part of it became submerged.

Following the events, Ocean Builders released a statement to explain the incident took place just as the second day of its unveiling was coming to an end.


The "SeaPod" home is supposed to remain above the surface by way of over 1,600 cubic feet of steel tubes filled with air. The level of buoyancy created is supposed to keep the higher parts of the house high above the water line. According to Ocean Builders, there was a ballast and pump malfunction that caused flooding. That water then shifted around to where the entire house was tilting.

Luckily nobody was injured.