We’ve Gotta Go Back

On this anniversary of TimeMachiner, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite stories of the past year. There have been many random happenings I've written about that I think are still funny, insightful, and interesting today.

The archive has filled up nicely since I started and I want to share with you the stories I think are the best. Let's dive in.

  1. "Best Sellers" Trailer Gives Entire Movie Away (8/21/21) - A true pet peeve of mine is when you can watch the preview for a movie and then not even bother with going to see it because the entire plot was given away. This movie with Michael Caine and Aubrey Plaza ended up pulling in $300M worldwide and earned a 54% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  2. Damnit, Gruber was right: Safari 15 is a mess (10/6/21) - My top-viewed article I've cross-posted to Medium. I go over the very-public tinkering, and subsequent walking-back, of Apple's Safari changes on the Mac. It is still exceptionally rare for Apple to announce features and then have only a fraction of them ship in the final product. However, Safari 15.1 fixed everything wrong with the browser and it's back to being usable since then. Side-note: I'm a big fan of the bottom location of the address bar in Safari on iOS 15. That's a win for me.
  3. Ridley Scott: Old Man Yells At Cloud (11/23/21) - I'm no fan of watching movies in a theater and Ridley Scott felt like chalking up his latest failure to people's short attenion spans. I just checked IMDB and as of today it brought in $30M worldwide. Still it's far short of its $100M budget, but people's attention spans are not to blame for this one.
  4. Streaming To The Bone (11/29/21) - The sad situation that young people are putting their health on the line to make it as a streamer. Then reality sets in.

Lightning Round

It has been an incredibly fun year to find and write about all these stories for you. I do hope you enjoy them.