Emmanuel, Don’t Do It

Animals and internet videos are a great mix. Nothing new there. We've had countless animal videos go viral over the years. This time around we have an unusual species gain the TikTok spotlight: Emmanuel the emu.

Taylor Blake runs a hobby farm called Knuckle Bump Farm. She has a variety of animals there and that includes Emmanuel the emu. Blake has posted over 200 videos to her TikTok account. Lately Emmanuel has decided to crash the party and hog the spotlight.

@knucklebumpfarms Emmanuel and I wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU for all of the love and support! We pray this account will be a safe space for everyone seeking a little joy in this dark world❤️ WE LOVE YOU! (Emmanuel has a message for you at the end🤣) #emmanueltheemu #emu #thankyou ♬ original sound - Knuckle Bump Farms

Blake's gratitude stems from a video posted on July 15th where she was attempting to film a video. However she was constantly interrupted and then Emmanuel the emu decided to get up close & personal with the camera. That put Blake on the viral radar and now Emmanual is getting his 15 minues of fame. She even appeared on the Tonight Show.

There are plenty more Emu and animal videos Blake is posting and there's even one where she calls him by his full name. It's a good laugh and hearing Blake constantly tell him "Emmanuel, don't do it!" to stop him from knocking her phone over is a real fun time. Finally, if you enjoy the Libery Mutual commercials with a different Emu, Blake and Emmanuel give a nod to them too.