Eight Years of Concorde Testing

Once considered the future of aviation, the Concorde is now a notable part of flying history. However, it doesn't stop the fascinating impact it had on air travel. Over on YouTube, the Imperial War Museum channel has a great video going over the history of the Concorde's testing phases.

The video interviews some of the original engineers of the airplane. Originally it was supposed to need a year of testing. It ended up taking eight before it was ready for commercial use. In that span, the cost and environmental blowback led to only Air France and British Airways taking their orders of the planes.

Seeing these engineers talk about the plane and showing some of the cockpit controls is a cool trip back in time. It was an ear where this plane held high hopes to make a big difference in air travel. In the end, the Concorde flew for 27 years before they were retired for good.

The full video is below and can also be watched here:

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