Meta *REALLY* Wants To Convince You It’s The Next Big Thing

Facebook Meta has been hard in their efforts to get you to know about "the metaverse". Basically it's VR. That's it. That's their plan. Yes, this is a simplification of what Zuckerberg is doing, but they are investing a ton of time into this.

Over at The Verge Adi Robinson, who usually handles anything related to VR, goes through all the prototypes that have been developed. There's 24 in all. Most are just proofs of concept. None will ship. All are efforts to be a leader in what they think is the next "big thing".

Meta described Half Dome’s tech as “almost ready for prime time” back in 2020, but today, Zuckerberg was more measured. “This stuff is pretty far off,” he said in response to a question about the “prime time” comment. “We’re working on it, we really want to get it into one of the upcoming headsets, I’m confident that we will at some point, but I’m not going to pre-announce anything today.”

The Verge

Want to know what drives their massive push toward VR? I tweeted about their dirty little secret: They want to own the entire stack.

It makes a LOT of sense.

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