Every SNES Manual Permanently Archived

One thing I love about retro gaming is the efforts to preserve history. There are many instances where someone stumbles upon a prototype or unfinished game and the community jumps on it to copy the code. Game preservation is super important because this software can be lost to time. Equally important is the literature surrounding those games. Now, thanks to Twitch streamer "Peebs", every single English manual for the SNES has been scanned and archived for preservation. Luke Plunkett at Kotaku writes more about this achievement.

I’m happy to report that, as of July 2022, the project has now completed a significant—and for many of you reading this it’s primary—milestone. Even when every manual has been scanned and uploaded, some games—including many RPGs—had important information written down elsewhere, like on separate maps/posters, so they’re looking at getting those uploaded and scanned wherever possible as well. They’ve also got a Super Famicom manual section to chip away at as well.


According to the group's Twitter account, the final entry was "90 Minutes European Prime Goal". Kudos to Peebs and everyone who works to preserve parts of our entertainment history that can easily be lost to time. The entire archive can be found here.