Man Paid 300x Salary, Decides to Keep It

Somewhat of a moral dilemma over in Chile wherein a man was paid three hundred times his salary and decided to keep it. This surely takes the "bank error in your favor" Community Chest card and tosses it into a real-life scenario. Jasper King at Metro has more.

The unnamed staff member at Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos in Chile did initially raise the eye-watering overpayment for May with his manager who then flagged it to HR.

He agreed to return the cash and promised to go to the bank the following day. But instead of giving it back, the man withdrew it and hasn’t been seen since.

His employer Consorcio tried to make contact with the man over the next three days but to no avail, according to local media outlet Diario Financiero.

They later received contact from the unnamed man’s lawyers who informed Consorcio that the man had resigned from his position with the company.

Given that King notes Chileans normally earn an average of £750 per month, this is quite the windfall for the person. They were already missing that earnings mark by £300. They're now a criminal too, so all that cash certainly has a big string attached.

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