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I once saw a joke proverb on Twitter that went something like this (I'm paraphrasing here): Check one weather app and you'll know the temperature. Check two weather apps and you'll never know anything.

It got me thinking about how inaccurate weather data can be between all the apps out there. I can check Weather Channel and see it's 80 degrees out but then use Dark Sky and see it's 72. Stop the insanity!

I'm personally a fan of the Carrot Weather app but this app alone has no less than EIGHT weather sources to choose from. Plus you can incorporate public weather stations too. All I want to know is if I need a jacket or not on a Spring / Fall day or if I can open my windows instead of running my HVAC system.

Weather data can be soo wildly different, there's even a website to check which source is the most accurate based on where you live.

All this to say: pick a weather app you like and stick with it. The moment you ask a friend what their app shows, you'll be instantly thrown into a state of confusion in which there is no return.

Here's today's Random Factoid: Camels originated in North America. Source

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