It's hard to know where to start, except to say that I'm simultaneously angry and disappointed. After Friday's Supreme Court reversal, we have officially entered the "unknown consequences" portion of our program here in America. Things we thought were safe are not. Things we started to take for granted now must be second-guessed.

There is a question I keep coming back to: Where do we go from here?

Many will say that voting is what is needed. Yes, it is. But we need to take a long look in the mirror about how our country is being led by those we trust to do the right things. We have been failed by the relentless mission of those who have looked to change Roe vs Wade since the day it was put into effect.

I wish I had the answers. Right now, I only have grief for where we are and fear on what is to come.

Through all this, I DO want TimeMachiner to be a respite from the insanity gripping our country. So, this is all I'll say on this topic right now. Let's focus on some small corners of the internet that allow us to insulate ourselves from it all and try to hold onto some joy. So, let's move on and forget about the world for the next few minutes:

This week's random factoid: The Dingo Fence in Australia is longer than the distance between New York City to London. Source

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