The Witch Of Sesame Street

One of my favorite parts of writing TimeMachiner is finding things that should be on the internet but aren't. Those little things that fall through the cracks. This video certainly is one of them! Back in the mid-1970s Margaret Hamilton, who played the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz, reprised her role on Sesame Street!

Thanks to the incredible efforts of people who unearth these things and put them online, we get to see this amazing footage. According to the poster's description, this was aired only once but was deemed too scary for children. It was shelved and never seen again, until now.

It's a fun skit where the Wicked Witch loses her broom and keeps trying to get it back. The entire YouTube video is 15 minutes long. It's a fascinating look into how a classic show was aired so many years ago.

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