Apple’s Malicious Compliance with Self Repair

Apple has made some big announcements about providing the parts, tools, and manuals to repair their products. This has been due to pressure from governments and Right To Repair making progress on bills in the works. But, Apple never said they had to be nice about it.

In a lengthy write-up for The Verge, Sean Hollister goes over the insane process Apple puts a person through in order to repair their iPhone.

I expected Apple would send me a small box of screwdrivers, spudgers, and pliers; I own a mini iPhone, after all. Instead, I found two giant Pelican cases — 79 pounds of tools — on my front porch. I couldn’t believe just how big and heavy they were considering Apple’s paying to ship them both ways.

The Verge

Apple literally ships to your home the entire set of tools an Apple Store would use for repairs. Tools that are used by trained professionals to operate. For someone whose job is to repair iPhones in person in-store, I am sure these tools are the best you can get. For someone doing this at home, it becomes incredibly onerous. Not only that, but they place a $1200 hold on your credit card in case you decide to keep the tools. Finally, the prices for the parts are the same as if you went to an Apple Store to get the repair done in person with the hour or so turnaround time. When you compare chilling at an Apple Store to :waves hands: all this, it kinda makes the decision for you.

I do give some credit to Apple for doing something to allow repair to their devices. However this is hardly in the spirit of Right to Repair nor is it something the average person would do. Compare the photos in Hollister's post to the kit iFixIt sells. Then ask yourself: does Apple really want you to fix your stuff or are they simply being assholes about it?