A good Tuesday and welcome to another week of TimeMachiner.

There's been a bunch going on in the past few days and I'm working on some great issues to come in the following days. I can't say much else, but I think you'll quite enjoy Thursday's edition of the Longform. Stay tuned.

I recently finished Severance's first season and wow! I am thoroughly impressed with this show. It really messes with your mind and makes you think a ton. I highly recommend it. I'm glad I finished it because this Friday finally brings us the return of Stranger Things. Great TV is everywhere!

Speaking of Stranger Things, today's first story is a longer writeup I've done regarding Netflix. Within this email it may look to be the same length as other pieces of The Stream, but this is a 4-min read and that's intentional. There is a lot to unpack with Netflix's dilemma.

Netflix is at (and almost past) an inflection point on how they want to continue the business. Competition and crappy decisions have caught up to them and they better get going because they're far from the only game in town. Here's a piece of the larger article:

(Netflix's woes are) the culmination of a company whose MO led them to catch lightning in a bottle twice and still manage to squander it.
(Stranger Things and more are) prime examples of Netflix letting productions do what they want in order to produce the best product. But for every Stranger Things, there is a long path of shows that never saw the light of day on future seasons.

It seems like a switch was flipped at some point to prioritize quantity over quality. Netflix is flooded with tons of content, most of it will never be seen.

I hope you enjoy the article and you can read it in full by scrolling down and clicking the Show Me This Story button.

Onto today's random factoid: Earth used to be purple. -Source

That's all from me for today. Let's dive in.

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