Mark Rober Gets Scam Call Center Revenge

Scammy call centers in parts of India are notorious for bilking people out of millions of dollars. It's no secret that people fall victim to these schemes all the time. It makes scammers a lot of money. So it's not hard to see why they keep doing it. Well, glitter bomb builder Mark Rober decided to have his way with them.

Rober, whose YouTube channel boasts 21.8 million subscribers, teamed up with two other channels to exact revenge. The scammers' locations were revealed with the help of scam-baiter Jim Browning. Armed with this information, the Trinity Media folks flew over to Kolkata and infiltrated the call centers. What happens next is 26 minutes of schadenfreude and pure delight.

Rober, who used to work for NASA, uses his immense engineering and building know-how to build a series of devices to mess with the "employees" of these scam centers. Jim Browning is a network engineer that gains access to the office's CCTV and even the scammer's own computers. If you enjoy the Christmas glitter bomb videos Rober puts out, this one is entertaining and educational.

It's extremely important as well to advise older and vulnerable family members of these scams. They're quite common and prey on people's honesty. And if they're not careful, these scammers will take them for everything they have. Here in the US, the FTC has an entire page dedicated to phone scams. It's filled with useful tips and ways to see red flags. Stay safe out there.

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