Birds Aren’t Real: Satire For A Modern Society

60 Minutes has a great interview with a young fellow named Peter McIndoe. On a whim, during a protest he saw, he decided to start his own movement: Birds Aren't Real. Sounds crazy? Think again.

Birds Aren't Real is a fun way for McIndoe to show the absurdity of many of the conspiracy theories raging through the world today. From vaccines to QAnon to election fraud to 5G, all these cockamamie theories rile up real people to act on real ambitions and beliefs to advance their cause.

But McIndoe is different. His goal is to hold up a mirror to the world and come up with something positive. As absurd as Birds Aren't Real may sound, it's a clever and safe way to get us to take a step back. Information can spread so easily and accuracy is far from the goal. In having fun with this, McIndoe can teach us all to be more careful with our news feeds, sources, and rabbit holes we are susceptible to fall into.