Orange Breakfast

Breakfast cereal has been a staple in homes for decades. The marketing for it has been quite clever. Cereal was positioned as something integral for breakfast and by doing this, companies like Kellog's and Post have become morning empires. Now Tropicana, yes THAT Tropicana has decided they want a piece of the action.

Orange juice on cereal.
Some call it weird. Some call it breakfast. We . . . didn't even know it was a thing.

But turns out, there are totally normal people amongst us juicing up their cereal bowls. You might be one of them!

So for those who are cereal curious like us, we made Tropicana Crunch. Cereal that's down to be drowned in OJ. Honey almond clusters that are
made to be spooned and sipped. A breakfast taste test we can all take together.

Tropicana Crunch Website

Is OJ on a cereal really a thing?? This is news to me. Maybe there's people who actually do this. This is definitely marketing and whether Tropicana succeeds is to be seen. I'm weirdly intrigued by this and a small part of me simply wants to try it. It comes out on May 4th (Star Wars Day!).