Organized Apples

It seems the dam has broken when it comes to retail and warehouse workers for major companies. Not long after Amazon's JFK warehouse location and Starbucks' Buffalo store both successfully unionized, efforts are now underway elsewhere to unionize as well.

Apple is the latest company to see its employees band together to work for better pay, protections, and fair working conditions. It's no surprise, given the tough work their store employees must do in a retail environment that can be unforgiving. Rachel Kraus at Mashable has more on one store's mission to unionize.

Workers at the Apple Store in the Atlanta area Cumberland Mall will hold a vote on whether to unionize, according to Bloomberg Law.
This is the second report of union activity among Apple Store retail workers in a span of days. On Sunday, the Washington Post reported that workers at the Grand Central location were collecting the signature cards from employees that would authorize the would be-union's Organizing Committee to hold a vote. Those employees, calling themselves Fruit Stand Workers United, also launched a website. The Post said three other locations were organizing as well.


It's no surprise to see this happening when companies are constantly working to eke out every ounce of profits they can while simultaneously trying to skimp on pay, healthcare, and other benefits of employment. employees feel used and have finally stood up to say "enough!" Amazon has more undercover video scandals of their behavior than I can even count.

There was even coverage of the Amazon unionizing effort on CBS Sunday Morning. One line from that report sums all this up: Unions are cool again.

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